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OOYC - A Forward Looking Club with a Rich History

OOYC members are excited about the 2024 boating season. The

club was founded in 1938 and for the past 84 years the membership

has made OOYC their summer destination for fun on water and land.

Enthusiasm at the club is at an all-time high for 2024!

On-the-Water Fun!

OOYC is a fun, family-oriented sailing and cruising club and is home

to boaters of all experience levels. If you are interested in learning

how to sail, we have a highly regarded youth sailing program that

has been in operation since 1992. The club comes together on

weeknights as a sailing race is held each Thursday night in the

summer. After-race dinner and drinks are a fun tradition for all

members. The club organizes annual club cruises. Its a great

opportunity for those who love to explore the lake

and its many harbors.

Oak Orchard Harbor’s Best Location!

Oak Orchard is well known for being a unique, serene harbor on

Lake Ontario’s south shore. OOYC is proud to have the best location

on the creek. Members can keep their boats at club docks which

include water, power, and wi-fi. There are 46 slips accommodating

boats up to 40 feet. Each dock is a deep water slip, allowing even the

deepest of sailboat keels.

The Clubhouse - A Gathering Place

On weekends the clubhouse bar and restaurant are open to

members and guests where you can enjoy a wide variety of beer,

mixed drinks, and wine. Dinner is served starting at 5:00 and there

is an excellent variety of meal choices to select from.

Special Events - Opportunities for Fun and Memories

OOYC brings in live entertainment from local bands and comedians as well as

special parties several weekends through the boating and off-

season. These are great opportunities to meet new people and make long lasting friendships.

Be sure not to miss what is coming up next!